Special Effects

Want to add a little something extra to your label? We have you covered with Metallic Inks, Sparkle, Glitter, Simulated Paper Label Print, Glow-in-the-Dark Inks, Cold Color Changing Inks, Braille, Writable Signature Panels for batch and barrel marking, and more! 

Leave a lasting-effect on customers with one of these special effects. See below for further details about specific special effects!

Metallic Inks

Add some bling to your design with our metallic gold, silver, bronze, and copper inks! Rose gold, graphite silver and other metallic colors are available upon request.

Satin Etch

Turn your design into a faux etch with this effect. Satin to the touch and ornate to the eye. Amazing detail compared to real etch and satin etch can be combined with other colors!

Sparkle & Glitter

Zhuzh up your design with a bit of sparkly goodness! Inks mixed with glitters can be a subtle delight or an eye-catching feature. Many colors are available.


When your art is photographic or illustrated with many colors blending into each other, Full-Color is the special effect for you! Combined with other effects for the ultimate bottle or glassware. Great for special vintage wine or high end custom barrel liquor projects. Contact us for more information.

Simulated Paper Label Print

Want the look and feel of a rustic paper label with a higher perceived value for your special reserve whiskey or custom barrel program?

Try our Simulated Paper Label Print special effect! Get all the originality and rustic sophistication of a real paper label, without wrinkles, scuffs or peeling! Add a Write-On panel for batch and barrel marking.

Glow in the dark

What better way to make your product stand out than making it glow when the lights are out? With our special Glow-in-the-Dark ink on your labels, leave the rest of your competition in the dark! Glow-in-the-dark also responds to blacklight and is perfect for vodka and other club liquor.

Day-Glow Fluorescent Colors

Day-Glow colors are a great way to add POP to your bottle. Many clubs have UV/blacklight in their lighting mix. These colors glow under blacklight and really stand out behind the bar!

Coolview Color Changing Inks

Many people keep their vodka in the freezer. Know when your bottle or drink is cold with this stunning visual effect! At room temperature, the design will appear like Satin Etch. When chilled or when a cold beverage is added, the design comes to life with colors! 


Make your brand accessible to the visually impaired with upraised braille imprints! Available in most colors and for many items!

When requesting Braille, please submit the specific alphabet desired. There are multiple Braille alphabets available to choose from.

Custom Write-On Panels

Great for marking batch and barrel numbers, giving your brand a personal touch with your own signature, or letting your customers stake claim to their bottles! When written on with a permanent Sharpie style marker, the ink stays on!

Window Print

Our exclusive “Window Spray” is an economical process allowing spray frost or colors on the back side of the bottle only, allowing a “window” into the bottle from the front to view the clarity of your clear vodka or other spirits!